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Season 3, Episode 1:

Just Gone Can We Start A Podcast Smadam

In April of last year, an Omagoshokee High School student went missing. The only clue? Her ex-boyfriend saying her body was in a marsh. Join P. Tony and The Crack Family as they try to crack this case wide open in this true crime podcast.

Starring: Julia Mercer, Alec Valadez, Grant Gigot, Steph, Callaghan, Allie, Ring, and Josh Leeper. 

Written and Edited by Julia Mercer

House of Grendel by Blue Dot Sessions
Going Undercover by Borrtex
Fog In The Street by Borrtex
Time Passing I by David Hilowitz
Melatonin V by Filmy Ghost
Pulse of Unambitious Children by Mid-Air Machine
Pose by Nctrnm
Anthem by Evan Schaeffer 


Episode art by Elliot Stromberg. Check out more of her work at!

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