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Meet the Smadams

Get to know Julia and Alec, the ones that you'll be seeing a whole lot if you subscribe to their YouTube page.

Where are you from?

A: I was born in Oak Park, IL, but I grew up in Kenosha, WI

J:  I’m from Cambridge, Wisconsin.  It’s a very small town just outside of Madison.

What is your idea of the ideal first date?

A: I kind of dig just grabbin’ a cup of coffee with a girl.

J:  Meet at a bar that’s by their place, hit it off, go to their place and make out.

Is there a song you have you listened to way too many times and now you’re kind of sick of it?

A: Sadly. Dota by Basshunter. Blasted that out of my Toyota Corolla way too much in high school.

J:  I have hundreds of songs that I’m sick of.  The way I listen to music is if I hear a song I like I will listen to it on repeat for WEEKS. After that I don’t really want to hear it again.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

J:  I secretly really dislike the sound of pouring liquid.  Like the sound of pouring water or a drink - I don’t know why but I really don’t like it.

A: Do not - I repeat - do not ever chew in complete silence around me. The sound of chewing makes me feel all sorts of dark emotions.

What is your smallest pet peeve?

J:  When I randomly find a hundred dollar bill on the ground as I’m walking down the street.  That has actually happened to me and weirdly it did not bother me at all.

A: When my finger nails get too long. It’s like, “C’mon, Alec. Just cut your damn nails.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

A: Bad TV shows. Like every time I watch Gotham, I literally cringe - and yet I watched all five seasons.

J:  I have a hard time feeling shame.  But a few things that I do that I know I should feel ashamed of:  Watching Kardashian stories on SnapChat, peeing in the shower, putting like three or four tablespoons of Nesquik in my morning coffee...I know there’s more but that’s all I can think of.


Have you ever been to France?

J:  No.

A: Nope.


What video games did you play a lot as a kid?

A: Crash Bandicoot. And Gex. I was way too young to get any of the pop culture references in it, but I loved playing it.

J:  I played a lot of Piglet's Big Adventure on PlayStation 2.  I beat it too.  Another game I played a lot was 102 Dalmatians - I seriously loved it.


Which Bob’s Burgers character do you relate to most?

J:  I relate to Linda the most because she sings a lot and is kooky yet caring.

A: Bob. I’m always the guy that kind of questions why everyone’s being so weird, but yet I have moments where I’m weird myself and pretend nightlights are talking to me.


Red potatoes are on sale at Jewel. They’re two for one. Thoughts?

A: Yo, like that’s a great deal, but I kind of just want to get rid of the instant potatoes we’ve had in our cupboard for a few months first.

J:  I just learned from the internet how to make a really yummy potato salad!  Let’s do this!

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