Our Journey Through Video

Smadam Productions has been at this for a while and it's not like we're showing any signs of stopping. As all artists most likely struggle with, we had to decide how we wanted to showcase our work. Do we show our early sketches? What about those videos from when we tried out being Youtube stars? How does that stuff look when it's sitting next to our more recent short films?

The answer was that we didn't want to hide anything. Some of these projects might not match up with where we are now, but they helped us get here and they're helping us get where we're going. And some of it's still pretty funny!

Also, these are just our stand-alone projects. Let us not forget the laborious efforts we put into making Business Solutions, our first webseries and one of our first film festival experiences. Also, it hasn't always been video. Realizing that our imaginations don't match our budgets, we really flexed our writing and audio skills with our podcast, Can We Start a Podcast? That pod of course lead to our bonus show, Back on Task, which was a fun detour into the DND subgenre of podcasts. And yeah, we may have spent a lot of time in 2015 and 2016 making our own memes (you can judge us, but we still think they're pretty funny). This Smadam journey also doesn't include our most recent webseries, Being a Bro with Ashton, which was such a cool project it deserved its own page.

But without further ado, welcome to the journey of Smadam Productions. We're starting from the beginning with the new stuff at the bottom. It's a wild journey and we can't wait for you to see it!

Wedding Vows (2014)

In Smadam's first ever short, Cassandra (played by Julia) and Andrew (played by Alec) share wedding vows with each other. There's so much we didn't know about when making this short, but it's what helped created Smadam Productions in the first place!

Live At The Birches (2015)

This was Smadam's first ever webseries, where we "hosted" an open mic in our living room. It taught us so much about writing, producing, and online marketing.

The Prodcast (2015)

Hey, we were young aspiring comedians that graduated from UW-Madison. We were bound to think getting drunk on camera was a good idea!

The Bedlands (2015)

What is an artist to do while bedridden? Create of course! As the saying goes, write what you know, and at the time, bedridden Julia knew all about The Bedlands.

Halloween Costume Ideas (2015)

We had a camera and some strong opinions on Halloween costumes. In the age of the Youtube star, it was inevitable that we'd try vlogging.

Julia's Tips on Staying Healthy (2015)

In a world full of content, we have always felt pressed to keep making more, even when we were sick.

Nicknames (2015)

Back to short films! Okay, fine, this is more of a sketch. Getting closer!

Obsession Supreme (2016)

Thanks to friend of Smadam, Kristin Phillips, a quick pivot in our career to briefly dabble in music videos.

Lights Out (2016)

It was only a matter of time Alec would make a sexually charged sketch.

Brunch (2016)

We might not have been viral, but we were at least getting the attention of our friends. Luckily, a friend wrote this short with us in mind!

Tell Us Your Secrets (2016)

Shooting in a dark and echoey basement with the big joke at end relying on special effects? No problem!

Midnight Visitor (2016)

Jordan Peele is no exception. The link between comedy and horror is real and it was only a matter of time before Smadam stumbled upon it.

A Live Action Mrs. Incredible Audition Tape (2019)

After years of making sketches, shorts, music videos and podcasts, beware telling us a sketch idea because we can and will make it happen.


Quite possibly one of the most ambitious projects we ever took on. But an amazing experience from start to finish!

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