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Being a Bro with Ashton

A new web series from smadam Productions, exclusively on patreon

Meet Ashton

Ashton here is as bro as they come. She enjoys long skates to the beach, a cold beer while listening to dubstep, and ripping a fat vape after scoring in Rocket League. But just because Ashton has a big personality doesn't mean she has a big head about it. Ashton is a bro's bro, the kind of bro that will help a bro out when they're down and in need. That's why she's making Being a Bro - to teach people how to be a bro who might need a few pointers. 

Smadam Productions Being a Bro Still of Ashton
Ep 3-1.png

Meet Ronnie

Ashton's best friend and camera man, Ronnie is a total dude. He likes making sick special effects, sipping on margaritas while DJing, and playing Tekken in his free time. Ronnie's so down to earth and chill - it's like he invented the term "go with the flow." Ronnie is more than happy to help Ashton make Being a Bro because he thinks she's as cool as the rest of us do. But Ronnie doesn't just press record. He's got big ideas and one day, he hopes to have a cool web series just like Ashton!

The trailer

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