Back On Task: Cindy's Heist

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Smadam Productions

We give you: Our DND mini-series! Exclusively for our patrons, you can listen to Alec and Julia play Dungenons & Dragons for the first time on this hilarious podcast. Starting at $1 a month, you can support us on Patreon and gain access to exclusive content, including this bonus podcast!






Follow Osqar, Jillyywinks, and Alejo as they adventure in a land unknown on a quest most noble! 

Phil Wright-Bianan as the DM (dungeon master, he wrote the story, plays side characters, and is the all knower of this land and how the game works)





And our three adventurers:
Julia Mercer as Osqar (the big half-orc guy in the picture)
Katie Wright-Bianan as Jillyywinks (the little gnome in the picture)
Alec Valadez as Alejo (the emo elf in the picture)

Special shout out to Jackson Reed who did the original art for the podcast!

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