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Julia Mercer & Alec Valadez 4 ever




1. a polite term of address to a woman or man, so as not to assume one's gender: Smadam President; May I help you, smadam?

2. the woman or man in charge of a household: Is the smadam at home?

3. the woman or man in charge of a house of prostitution: You run a good house of prostitution, smadam!

Smadam Productions is a creative duo consisting of two smadams: Julia Mercer and Alec Valadez. Julia and Alec met at UW-Madison (Go Badgers!) and realized they had two things in common: They love each other and they both coincidentally want to pursue creative careers. These days, they live in Chicago, the windiest city in all of the U.S.A. Whether it's recording a podcast that's a parody of "This American Life" or shooting a short film that takes place in the vampire-zombie apocalypse, Smadam Productions is always gearing up to find a way to bring stories to life, whether for the screen or for the earbuds.

If you like what you see here on Smadam Productions, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. But if you really like us, make sure to send our videos to your network executive friends. Just kidding (not really), but if you really do like Smadam Productions, you can support us by joining our Patreon! That's where you'll see all of our content, including new episodes of our latest webseries, new peisodes of podcasts only available to patrons, special behind-the-scenes content, and more!

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