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Wedding Vows (2014)

Wedding vows are shared by a loving couple, Cassandra and Andrew. But their guests have a few questions about these vows . . .


Julia Mercer

Alec Valadez

Matt Huppert

Raina Christman

Chris Stern

Nicole Lang

Gena Gephart

Meg McMahon

Michael Kelbel

Eric Wiig

Billy Garcia

Written by Alec Valadez

This was our first ever video we ever made together and it's the reason Smadam Productions exists. In 2014, NBC was having a contest to give an up and coming comedian their own primetime show. Alec, having the biggest ego for someone who just recently graduated college, decided he had a chance and teamed up with the person he trusted most creatively, which was Julia. They came up with the script, borrowed someone's camera, messaged a bunch of their friends, and created the short.

Looking back, it's way too long and could've easily been trimmed. The lack of a microphone is apparent and there's literal trash sitting in the back of some of the shots. Yet, parts of it are still pretty funny and it's amazing to see Smadam's spirit shine through in this short, even though Alec and Julia barely knew what Smadam was yet.

And four years later, Alec and Julia made the sketch a reality and got married in this very church, in that same chapel. (The vows weren't as long and sexual though!)

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