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The Bedlands (2015)

"There's no rest to be had when evil is still out there." Julia is bedridden (due to a back injury) and passes the time by making a fake trailer for a thrilling action film that takes place entirely in a bed and stars Julia as every character.


Julia Mercer


The Descent by Kevin MacLeod

Venom by Scott Buckley

What are artists to do when they're bedridden? It's a question that so many artists have to answer. For Julia, it was to still create. Julia made this on a whim, because she was bore in bed. When Alec eventually saw it, he was thrilled and couldn't wait to show people. Originally, it was a part of series we were trying out where Julia would document her experiences of being confined to the bed. The series was very vlog style, a style we would spend years trying to get away from and perfect simultaneously.

Additionally, it can be argued that this is one of the first examples when Smadam Productions really tried out parody, which became a huge part of our style for a while (and arguably still is).

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