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Halloween Costume Ideas (2015)

Don't have an awesome costume for Halloween? Alec and Julia use their creativity in this video to help you think of some fun Halloween costumes your friends will love!


Julia Mercer

Alec Valadez

At this point in our careers, we're getting in pretty deep in the comedy world, taking improv classes and meeting new friends. Additionally, you can't learn about the nuances of posting on Youtube without coming across a few Youtube stars. With a camera and strong opinions about Halloween, it was only inevitable that we would do a classic rant style video.

Now this is far from the narrative films we want to be making, but what it did have was that edgy, satirical humor that we've come to know and love. We aren't punching down and we aren't punching ourselves. This was a turning point where we began to truly learn the value of punching up in our comedy.

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