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A Live Action Mrs. Incredible Audition Tape (2019)

While there technically isn't a live action version of The Incredibles on the list of upcoming Disney movies, one woman can see where the trends are going. That is why she is auditioning to be Mrs. Incredible, aka Elasti-girl, for the live action version of The Incredibles (if they ever make one because we know they're not, but c'mon, they might).

Written and Directed by Alec Valadez


Allie Ring 

Boom Operator was Julia Mercer

After years of making sketches, shorts, music videos and podcasts, we've got a pretty good handle on what we can produce (for the most part). In creative communities, it's very common for people to be like, "I have this idea for . . ." and then you may or may not see that idea. The struggle is to figure out what ideas are worth the execution, but as you do more projects, you get a pretty sense on what ideas are worth pursuing. So when our friend Allie Ring had an idea for an audition tape for Elast-girl, Alec saw an opportunity and wrote it!

We had worked with Allie before on the podcast, but we had never got to showcase her talent in a visual medium. This project was an exercise in writing for a specific actor and we'd say it was a success! We were hoping it would get into Film Festivals, but alas, this pesky thing called COVID-19 came along and kind of dashed a lot of film festival dreams.

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