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Omega Beta

Smadam Productions OMEGA BETA PDXFF.png

Cam is the last man alive after a virus turned every human on Earth into blood-thirsty creatures...or so he thinks. When he finally sees a woman in his neighborhood, he struggles to be polite and respectful in his newfound apocalyptic life.

Made in 2019


Staring Andrew Carlyle and Nicole Nola

Directed by Julia Mercer

Written by Alec Valdez


Hair and Make-up by Steph Callaghan


Script Supervisor: Abby Frank



"Synthesisss" by Bad Ronald

"We Are Strangers" by November Polaroid "Imminence" by Kai Engel


Special thanks to Corinne Anderson and Seth Thomas and to Michael Bermuda



"Just Around the World Kielokaz ID 362" by Kielokaz

"Lately Kind of Yeah" by Goner

PDXFF 2020

We were very honored that OMEGA BETA was accepted into the Portland Film Festival in 2020! 2020 had been a year where, like most of us, we had huge plans and dreams. One of those dreams was getting into a film festival, which were quickly shot down when events started getting canceled.

But the show must go on, as do film fests. Portland Film Festival, in partnership with Comcast and NBC, went virtual this year. OMEGA BETA was put into one of the sci-fi blocks of short films. We were just happy to be in the fest, but then to be in a block with so many breathtaking and mind-blowing films? A true honor.

While we love Portland and would've loved to have a chance to visit again, we were so happy with our virtual experience. Plus, we look forward to hopefully getting into the fest again when it's happening in person!

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