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Season 1, Episode 7:

Smadam Productions presents My Parents Are Out of Town

When Tony P's parents are away, Tony P's friends* come to play**!


*Steve's friends
**Party but instead sit down and accidentally do a podcast


Lucia Rieur
Grant Gigot
Julia Mercer
Alec Valadez
Josh "Hurricane" Leeper


The party's playlist
Rehab by Action Davis
Invisible by Camila North x Jens East
Feels Bad by Strong Suit
Four Floss Five Six by Blue Ducks
Comic by Jahzzar
Giants by Forget The Whale
Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free
April Showers by ProleteR
Play Dat Soul by Ménage Quad
Come Get Some by Blank Kytt
Love For Everyone Everywhere by Boss Bass
In Fielder by Miro Belle
Vivaldi's Spring by John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players
Drunk With You by The Spin Wires
Que Rico by The Polish Ambassador ft. SaQi
Dark Night Trap by Ryan Little
Highway 84 by Not From Georgia
The Void by Gritt
Dial My Number by Benedek
Anthem by Evan Schaeffer


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