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The Prodcast (2015)

What happens when Alec and Julia have a couple of strong drinks at home? They film a drunk podcast together, and then share it for all the world to see. So enjoy and as always, please drink responsibly.


Julia Mercer

Alec Valadez


LordDa Mercy by Daddy_Scrabble

Now, as silly of an idea as this was, it did turn out pretty funny. But that's only after a lot of thoughtful editing (and what an exercise in editing it was!). The temptation was definitely there to be embarassed by this, but that was becoming part of our style. We were willing to be vulnerable and exposed in ways that people weren't expecting and it paid off for us luckily. But we only did it once more in our journey because as fun as binge drinking can be, we weren't trying to make that integral to our comedy careers.

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