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Obsession Supreme (2016)

The debut EP "CINEMATIX" from Kristin Phillips is available now on iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, and SoundCloud!

Directed by Alec Valadez, Jacob Barbot 

Edited by Julia Quin Mercer 

Production Assistant was Alison Byrnes

If you've been playing the home game, you might have noticed something. Wedding Vows had a whole list of names, while so far, it's been mostly Alec and Julia in all of these projects. The secret factor is improv. We left our improv community in Madison and it took us a while to find a new one in Chicago. But luckily we did, and a lot of cool projects came out of that time.

This was our first time really collaborating with someone outside of Smadam Productions. Because of this, we were trying to be so flexible and accomodating, to the point where we ended up doing most of the planning for the music video on the day of. But as uncomfortable as that felt, it turned out to be amazing. 

We still to this day think this might be the coolest thing we've ever made, and we even use it as an example for what we're capable of as far as practical effects and lighting is concerned.

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