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Midnight Visitor (2016)

When Alec is home alone on Halloween, he is visited by someone . . . no, something. Will he survive the night?

Written by Alec Valadez 


Alec Valadez

Matthew Hoelter 

Make-up by Steph Callaghan 

Boom mic operator was Eric Wiig 

Sound mixing by Julia Mercer 


Inexplicable Fear by Alex Mason

Horror Suspense by Jacob Schroder

The Chicago Horror Film Festival

This short was screened in 2017 at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, which makes it the first ever short of ours to make it into a film festival! Now, the festival wasn't that glamorous compared to other festivals - no use bogging down the fest with hosts and Q&A's when people just want to see some horror flicks! Regardless, it was a really amazing experience to see our short film on the big screen with so many other cool short films. And they luckily weren't too scary!

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