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Lights Out (2016)

A group of friends have a sexy night in. Or do they? 


Jacob Barbot

Grant Gigot

Jena Wallander

Alec Valadez

Julia Mercer 


After Disaster by Monk Turner + Fascinoma  

Trust (is Just a Word) by Monk Turner + Fascinoma  

With You by Monk Turner

For anyone who knows Alec, it's no secret that he's into sexual humor. Julia will try to convince herself and others that she's not, but she certainly lets Alec get away with it quite a bit. 

But aside from the sexual nature of the short, we saw an opportunity for a really cool lighting effect here. Using an LED strip of lights, we bunched those up inside a phone case to create the glow on Jacob's face (a regular cell phone was not bright enough). To take care of any extra light spill, Alec masked it out in post. Such a creative idea!

The only problem was for a visual medium, we didn't really do enough visuals. Especially if we want it to play in a film festival setting, we're going to need at least some dimly lit bodies flailing about or more people checking their phones.

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