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Julia's Tips on Staying Healthy (2015)

"I had a lot of people asking for this so here it is!  I'm not a doctor but this is what works for me to stay healthy.  Let me know what you do to stay healthy in the comments!  Also if you have ideas for other videos you want to see post those too.  Thanks for watching!" -Julia


Julia Mercer

Guest Starring

Alec Valadez

The above description is directly from the Youtube post and what's funny is that no one was asking us anything. We threw that in there as a joke, knowing damn well we weren't like the Youtube stars out there. But at the same time, we felt so much pressure to be like them.

It would take us a long time to learn this lesson about internet pressure. Honestly, we're still learning it. It's sad to look back on this era of Smadam knowing we were so stressed out about Youtube views and "making it big," but on the flip side, this style of videos, and the style of play we discovered with each other became integral for connecting to our audience on Patreon.

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