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Brunch (2016)

Two friends decide to get brunch, but can't decide where to go.   

Written by Michael Ramuta 

Special thanks to Steph Callaghan 


Alec Valadez

Julia Mercer 


I Like It Here (Instrumental) by Robin Allender

Another first for Smadam Productions. After almost two years of writing our own content, we finally had a friend come up with an idea for us. When we read the script, we loved it. It was quippy and fast, which we were growing to really love in scripts. The only problem was the location.

Luckily, at the time, Alec was working at a corner store chain, and one of the locations not only didn't get a lot of foot traffic, it had a table right next to a big window. It was absolutely a learning experience making something outside of our appartment. Dealing with the various noises in the store and the massive amount of sunlight that was coming from the big window was a challenge.

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