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Season 3, Episode 10:

S3 10

In the state of Wisconsin, in the town of Omagoshakee, is a little place in a teen’s backyard known as Tony’s Marsh. CWSP has a monster of a season finale, jam packed with teen drama, teen mystery, and even a little teen romance! And hopefully we can find out what happened to Sandy Michaels once and for all!

Starring Grant Gigot, Allie Ring, Josh Leeper, Julia Mercer, and Alec Valadez

Music (it’s a lot)
 Fire by The Inventors
Judge On Holiday by Plates of Cake
Running with wise fools by krackatoa
worthlessness by HealthBeuty
Exhausted by The Inventor
 Help Me by Jon Worthy and the Bends
When The Sun Shines by Michael Rault
loosey goosey by HealthBeuty
Al Final by Danke Sun
Ponce Pilate by Birds of Paradise
Acoustic Meditation by Jason Shaw
Something Elated by Broke for Fre
 Fireworks by Jahzzar
On My Skateboard by Short Hand
Dummy by Jahzaa
Giants by Forget the Whale
Just A Blip by Andy G Cohen
A Gentleman by Podington Bear
I Like it Here Instrumental by Robin Allender
Happy Ending by Jahzaar
Anthem by Evan Schaeffer

Special shout out to Elliot Stromberg who did some of our art work this season

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