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Season 1, Episode 10:

S1 E10

IT'S THE LAST EPISODE OF THE SEASON! In this season finale, investigative reporter Serena Douglas delves deep into the mystery of Lemon Village, what was happening in it, and what happened to the 269 citizens living there?

Written by Alec Valadez

Steph Callaghan
Kristen Hallen
Jacob Barbot
Matthew Hoelter
Ryan Sitzberger
Josh Leeper
Eric Wiig
Rebekah Trombley
Lucia Rieur
Jena Wallander
Grant Gigot
Julia Mercer
Alec Valadez

Together In The Empty By Dexter Britain
Telling Stories by Dexter Britain
Trickle Down by Podington Bear
Snowmen by Kai Engel
Lemon and Melon by Blue Dot Sessions
Seeing The Future by Dexter Britain
216 BPM on a highway by Ending Sattelites

Anthem by Evan Schaeffer

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