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Season 2, Episode 8:

S2 E8

Before Can We Start A Podcast, before Business Solutions, Smadam Productions created a web series featuring stand-up comics in their apartment called Live At The Birches. This is the true story behind their viral web series. 

Alec Valadez
Eric Wiig
Julia Mercer 

Written by Julia Mercer

Frantic Bazaar by Inaequalis
Thinking Over It by Lee Rosevere
SODAR by Scanglobe
amusement park by Ryan Little
Vending Machines by Yan Terrien
Ballet Class by Anton Khoryukov
Is everything of this is true by Komiku
While Looking Up by Cellophane Sam
Freestyle 39 by BenJamin Banger
Memories by Audiobinger
Packed lunch by TRG Banks
under bunyip wood by krackatoa
min min light by krackatoa
Flying by TRG Banks
Anthem by Evan Schaeffer 

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